Will you take a moment to remember?

Today is Battle of Britain Day. It is a chance to remember the bravery and sacrifice of those young airmen, "The Few" as Churchill called them, who went into battle 75 years ago today.

There were many others who they relied upon to be able to do their job. There were those who designed and ran the integrated air defence system that put the pilots in contact with the enemy. There were the ground crews who serviced and re-armed their aircraft. There were the thousands who had designed and built their Spitifres and Hurricanes and the Air Transport Auxilliaries who flew in repaired or replacement aircraft. There were many, many more including the families and friends of the pilots who contributed.

Today there are young men and women making great contribution to a different world, though still one, sadly, where there is war. Are we giving all young people the opportunity to make a great contribution? Too many do not have jobs here in the UK or the opportunity to contribute in some way. Too many of today's politicians, business owners and managers in organisations of every type have failed to give respect to and create opportunities for more of our young people can shine. Surely we should not need war to see them giving of their best?