Simply Manage is an ebook intended to bring together the skills you need to manage the delivery of high performance in a fast-changing World. It introduces the Simply Manage Star® as a way to present what managers need to know clearly, simply and in a joined-up way. A laser-like focus is proposed on customers, service users and consumers to align the whole organisation. It then becomes possible to work towards sustainable success that can deliver ever-better quality faster to customers at lower financial and environmental cost. Ordering this ebook from here means that you will get future updates free of charge.



This book is for those aiming to achieve both higher performance and better quality products and services, thus leading to happier customers. The Flow & Feedback Diagram introduces a new and more effective way of describing any size of business or organisation. The diagram can be used at all levels of an enterprise right down to an individual process. The value-adding flow from suppliers to customers is clearly identified.  It then lays out the essential learning feedback path that integrates understanding customers, leadership, design and redesign of the whole organisation and change management. The diagram can be used either as a process framework or a replacement for the organisation chart listing areas of responsibility. 

Using simple lists and diagrams this mini-book tells you the why and how of mapping your work processes. It helps you get to grip with messes and chaos to get greater simplicity and order. A flowchart or process map increases understanding both identifying areas for improvement and helping those working in the process to work consistently to best practice. Use it as a training aid and a quick reference guide for improvement projects on your way to achieving process excellence.